With all this NFT hype and the multiplying of artists joining the crypto space, I feel it’s important to communicate to my existing and future collectors why investing in my art can be worth.

Experience “The Art Labyrinth”, an artistic and existential journey I have created inside OWW (Occupy White Walls). It’s free and accessible from any laptop. Learn more.



Judging from Twitter, it looks like woke kids spent their Thanksgiving telling their families how racist they are…… https://t.co/yWRRDj3ef8

Madonna, 63 years old. Her lifelong erotic research as an artist has come to this. On one side I respect her for he… https://t.co/Lxse6goXsL

This was amusing and well written. My favourite: "The Waterslide of Doom" https://t.co/Ym3ANEUHjR

I am now an #NFTcollectible. I was not aware of it but I support it: if you collect me, as an extra you’ll get my p… https://t.co/Zh01oBu0XX

Finally I found what's the name of the guitar piece at the end of Michelangelo Antonioni's "The Passenger" (a movie… https://t.co/wPP6P2IEMW

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