With all this NFT hype and the multiplying of artists joining the crypto space, I feel it’s important to communicate to my existing and future collectors why investing in my art can be worth.

Experience “The Art Labyrinth”, an artistic and existential journey I have created inside OWW (Occupy White Walls). It’s free and accessible from any laptop. Learn more.



#SimoneBiles branded herself as #GOAT (Greatest Of All Times) but she's 17th in the list of female gymnasts who won… https://t.co/waQLpZZX5x

RT @Antoine25392186: Årtificial eMotiøn

Surrealism- Crypto Art by @maxosirisart - Max Osiris

New Modern Contemporary art… https://t.co/hdwQWrYNyL

Weakness is strength
Cowardice is bravery
Ignorance is wisdom
Free speech is fascist
Conformism is original &… https://t.co/J0c1C6wn4m

Finally someone saying what anybody who is sound of mind thinks but is afraid to say #GOATsDontQuit https://t.co/fOeoAB4PJa

#SimonBiles could have won 7 gold medals. She goes home with 0 medals, without even competing even if she was physi… https://t.co/sG2qssZ7Fe

RT @Antoine25392186: "Tolerance will reach such a level that intelligent people will be banned from thinking so as not to offend the imb… https://t.co/Az5nXoCDwj

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