With all this NFT hype and the multiplying of artists joining the crypto space, I feel it’s important to communicate to my existing and future collectors why investing in my art can be worth.

Experience “The Art Labyrinth”, an artistic and existential journey I have created inside OWW (Occupy White Walls). It’s free and accessible from any laptop. Learn more.



My Discord DMs are flooding with people shilling the most bizarre #NFTcollectibles, from drunken pandas to meditati… https://t.co/LBaBOSih8S

This sketch by @freakjesusart is really something. Just grabbed one https://t.co/5J6zgee2Gk
#hen #hicetnunchttps://t.co/1qF0B3awaq

RT @freakjesusart: Today I decided to put in HEN some of my sketches that I've been making but that have been on my iPad forever.… https://t.co/fLV931tpGt

Tiny details of my latest artwork.
Full size is 24,576 pixels
I may mint also such details as #NFTart (I reckon I… https://t.co/JQ1I8abxX7

RT @tripplevibes: It's a beautiful day!
Auction has started by @Chipagosfinest
Current bid 0.5 eth
Link… https://t.co/ghDkEaEUHr

This will age well. https://t.co/vvEqazxd2b

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