With all this NFT hype and the multiplying of artists joining the crypto space, I feel it’s important to communicate to my existing and future collectors why investing in my art can be worth.

Experience “The Art Labyrinth”, an artistic and existential journey I have created inside OWW (Occupy White Walls). It’s free and accessible from any laptop. Learn more.



RT @maxosirisart: stahp sucking each other dix on my timeline, folxx



There must be some spammy bot acting on @rariblecom. I have got 9 bids overnight from dummy anonymous profiles, for… https://t.co/Ee2mARXQ2T

Bio update + new main link https://t.co/b8XAgS8iCv

I will start doing videos of me speaking as soon as I recover f… https://t.co/uV56OtYwPe

RT @maxosirisart: P33ing


Working in marketing and media is as attractive to me as returning to work in a candy factory after you developed a… https://t.co/OjZsqB1psF

Not sure which gender my 1yr old son is, but I suspect he identifies as a squirrel.

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