8 reasons to collect my NFT art

by barabeke

With all this NFT hype and the multiplying of artists joining the crypto space, I feel it’s important to communicate to my existing and future collectors why investing in my art can be worth.

I don’t want to eat too much of your time so I’ll go straight to my list of 8 reasons.

1. Unique

My visual art is about transmuting reality as it appears into visionary art, like it was some form of alchemy performed through digital means. I often use only one source image and nothing else, as it was paint and brush at the same time, replicating it thousands of times with almost as many variations, forming a microcosm which I try to keep in harmony with the macrocosm of the transfigured artwork. When I create I feel more like a shaman summoning spirits than an artist.

2. Counterculture agent

In an increasingly oppressive and totalitarian world, I am a voice that stands for individual freedoms, reason, and common sense. In the crypto space, I am possibly the artist who most fiercely opposes the media narrative and all the conflict and divisions that are being pushed on us.

My criticism is summarized in the article Why today’s media are a threat to freedom & mental health and how to fix them.

I am also the vehicle of a spiritual message, the Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium (aka 2kTenCom), which reflects my philosophy and values. It’s nothing I push on people, but I would like to turn those words into real life monoliths, Kubrick style, in an effort to make them survive digital obsolescence.

In a nutshell, I fight for a future that is more tolerant, compassionate, forgiving, where digital technology is used to liberate us rather than oppress us.

It’s not easy to speak against the dominant ideology. It affects my visibility, makes me lose opportunities, attracts me insults and bullying.

If you also would like a culture that is less poisonous and divisive, if you are tired of being afraid to speak your mind like you were living in Orwell’s 1984, that’s a good reason to support my art and help me survive.

Me presenting the prototype for the monolith containing the 2kTenCom.

3. Crypto humanist

I see in crypto an opportunity to build a more efficient, sustainable, fair, and just world for humans. Crypto can allow us to experiment with economic and societal models that were previously unthinkable. Unfortunately we risk to miss this opportunity due to greed, to the old world with all its flaws colonizing the new, and we risk this technology to be used to build a robotic, oppressive, totalitarian world.

I have been pushing in the bright direction since before becoming a cryptoartist, participating in very early stage crypto humanitarian projects. I have also written an article, How to build an economy based on kindness, in which I explain how we could actually do that through crypto in the future, in the hope of inspiring others.

Barabeke’s Salvator Mundi, 2020. Sold out.

4. Media friendly

This may sound contradictory since I am very critic of today’s media. But it turns out my persona, even more than my art, is attractive to media, I guess because I am quite an original, opinionated, and entertaining character.

While I have never proactively looked for media opportunities, they tend to come to me. On my about me you will find a list of my interviews, appearances, and mentions.

In a previous professional life I used to be a head of marketing. Embracing 100% my artist side was a way for me to escape from that world of appearance and hypocrisy (which unfortunately followed me on crypto after all the hype brought brands and celebrities in…)

While being honest and keeping it real have top priority for me, I may have to join the circus and use my skills at some point, in a systematic way. Right now I am mostly improvising and going with the flow.

All of this just to say that I have the potential to get more visibility and recognition than what I have now, organically, not giving a fuck. Which can raise the value of my works.

5. Generous with collectors

I am gifting to my first 108 collectors my Diamond Sutra (scroll edition), which only them can have (it’s not on the market, but once you own it you can obviously decide to sell it).

Where possible, I allow collectors to unlock the original full 4K resolution of my NFTs.

I consider those who support me as friends, I am very approachable and available to them.

Barabeke, Diamond Sutra (scroll edition), 2020.

6. Magical buddy

While I don’t publicize it much nowadays, I have been studying and practicing healing arts since 2003. I have been trained in qi gong, reiki, shamanism, hypnotherapy (including past life regression and spirit release) and NLP, and had the luck to have some truly remarkable teachers around the world.

I belong to a niche of artists who are also healers. My favorite is Jodorowsky, whom I consider a teacher even if I have never met him.

I don’t use my skills professionally for several reasons, including not being credible nowadays for favoring Dead Pony beer over kale smoothies… I am still a buddy who can provide some wisdom to friends, collectors, and supporters seeking for positive inspiration.

Barabeke, Interdimensional Lady II, 2016. Available to collect here.

7. Supporting other artists

I support other artists by promoting them, advising them, and invest part of my earnings in collecting their art. I just love discovering talent and help it emerge. I have built an NFT art collection I am proud of, you can visit it in 3D here.

8. Here for the long term

I have been a digital artist since 2006, creating with great freedom, out of need of self-expression, without ever trying to sell anything for a decade. I joined the NFT space way before it got hype, because I believe in the blockchain. I’ll keep doing my thing, and evolve, no matter how the market goes, and I plan to do it primarily on crypto .

That’s all folks. I hope I have managed to convey why it can be worth investing in my art. I hope you like it and believe that it will increase in value in the future. I hope you also see in me a genuine artist with an original voice that is worth preserving/empowering, a potential agent of positive change, and a wise and honest buddy you can eventually rely on.

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