Visionary Art

by barabeke
Visionary Art

Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based in such experiences (Wikipedia)

A distinctive trait of my digital art is that it mostly consists in blending together ordinary photos I take with my golden iPhone XR Max in wild ways, without any hand drawing involved, creating with reality as we see it a new visionary reality of psychic and archetypal nature. In the process I make abundant use of mirrors, filters, and glitches that emerge from extreme post-processing of photos.

My creations are the fruit of lots of trial and error. A process of exploration, discovery and recognition, guided by the muse.

My latest evolution as a visual artist are my huge Interdimensional mandalas made of glitch art, created by using 3 photos of the person that commission me the artwork (and nothing else), mixing them in wild ways with plenty of mirroring, glitches, and distortions involved. Nothing in the mandala is hand-drawn. From these 3 photos a new visionary reality emerges, mediated by the artist’s eye.

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