Transmutations: Visions emerging from reality

by barabeke

I always liked the idea that from reality as captured on camera a new visionary reality could emerge. What you see in most of my works is photography + extreme post-processing, without anything else added, maintaining the essential forms of the source photo in its original proportions.

I call my process “transmutation”, as I see this generating a completely different image from an image as a sort of alchemy.

Back in 2020, to demonstrate my transmutation technique to the cryptoart scene, I asked other artists to donate one photo I could work on. Lulu xXX donated a photo of a beautiful statuette she made, the one you can see below, side by side with the transmutation I have made of it.

The following video will give you some insight on how I got from that photo to the final artwork, which is called Bat-Queen and can be collected as NFT on KnownOrigin.




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