Transmutations: Visions emerging from reality

by barabeke

Most of my works from the past ten years have been based on photography. I always liked the idea that from reality as captured on camera a new visionary reality could emerge.

What you see in most of my works is photography + extreme post-processing, without anything added but the photos.


Demonstration: “Bat-Queen”

To introduce my transmutation technique to the cryptoart scene, I asked other artists to donate one photo I could work on. My aim was to get to the core of my craft by using only the photo that was donated and nothing else, maintaining the essential forms of the source photo in its original proportions.

Artist lulu xXX donated a photo of a beautiful statuette she made, the one you can see below, side by side with the transmutation I have made of it.

The following video will give you some insight on how I got from that photo to the final artwork.

I called this work Bat-Queen, you can now collect it as cryptoart on



Here is a gallery of my transmutations, not necessarily done by using only one photo as above.

Click on them to learn more and collect them as cryptoart (if still available).

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