Transfigurations: reinventing old masters

by barabeke

In this series I approach masterpieces from the past, which I reinvent by using only the original artwork and nothing else, as it was paint and brush at the same time, replicating it thousands of times with almost as many variations, forming a microcosm which I try to keep in harmony with the macrocosm of the transfigured artwork.

When I create, more than an artist, I feel like a shaman summoning spirits. I see in every image, even the most simple, almost infinite possibilities. While I digitally explore these possibilities, I have moments of recognition that guide my choices. Sometimes the visions I chase can be overwhelming for me, to the point that I need to take a break.

After hundreds of iterations, the end result is an artwork that is substantially different from the original and that I recognize as “Barabeke’s”.

Here are my transfigurations so far. Click on them to get more info, see videos exploring their details, and collect them as NFT art.

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