Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium

by barabeke

The Ten Commandments you are about to read are a futurist spiritual message of mystical origin aimed to help humanity survive and prosper in this brave new digital age.

Please accept the words that follow without prejudice, suspending at least for a moment your disbelief, as only by keeping your mind and your heart open you will find beauty and truth in them.

The story behind the 2kTenCom

These Ten Commandments came to me one night, back in 2015. I received them as dictation, a voice inside my head which I had no control over, manifesting all of a sudden, without anything in particular triggering it. Luckily I was sitting in front of my laptop when it happened, all I did was transcribing them. In this exact form they came, I made no edits.

After recovering from the awe for what just happened, I started to contemplate them, and found beauty and hope in them. It was immediately clear to me that I could not keep them for myself, that I had to share them with the world.

But how?

What people do when manifestations like this happen, is either lose their head or found a new religion.

Luckily I was quite cool about it, I didn’t get an ego boost from it. I had in my life more powerful manifestations than that, which taught me some humbleness. Plus, as much as I could be called a mystic, I believe rational thinking and science should stand as pillars of our civilization. It’s not new religions that we need in this digital age, but a culture that can unite people and serve them better.

I saw in the 2kTenCom the culture we need more in this world, and a message of hope and liberation for humanity. I had to find a way to share them…

First appearance and early actions

Voyage at the centre of the universe, one of the Instagram posts.

I initially chose to share them as fiction. At the time I was playing with fractal art, so I invented a visual journey inside a fractal, which was serialized between September and November 2015 on Instagram.

The 1st appearance of the 2kTenCom, on Instagram, on November 7th, 2015.

My Voyage at the centre of the universe consisted in 18 posts supported by copy narrating the journey of a crew of modern argonauts lost with their ship inside the fractal, going down deep into the rabbit hole… At the end of which, they find the 2kTenCom. That was their first appearance.

Later on I started to share my story very frankly, and some people took me very seriously. That made me uncomfortable. While I don’t feel I am a big sinner, I am certainly not a saint.

I started to be more quiet about the 2kTenCom, and pushed them in the background. But I kept feeling a duty to do something with them.

Barabeke reading the 2kTenCom at Irruzioni Festival, back in 2017.

Once I did a performance at a street art festival in Italy, in which I read them as you can see in the photo, hiding my face behind the mask of British wrestling legend Kendo Nagasaki.

I also liked the idea of hiding them in my art. Most of my NFTs contain a hidden QR code that leads to the 2kTenCom, but it can only be found in their hi-res version and with some effort, as it’s minuscule and camouflaged.

I still felt I was not doing enough for them, and that if for some unlucky circumstance I died they would have most likely died with me. Which I found damning.

A message from below

An idea that grew in me was to place the 2kTenCom in low places such as public toilets, especially those with a punk spirit, full of stickers and writings.

2kTenCom stickers for toilets

I loved the contrast of sacred and profane, and the thought that someone who was lost could find mystery, inspiration, and hope while taking a crap.

I produced some 2kTenCom stickers, but then the corona pandemic broke and I ended up not sticking any of them.

It was not a great plan anyway, nothing that could have real impact. But the idea that the 2kTenCom could be a message rising from below stayed with me.

A message for future generations?

Prototype of the 2kTenCom monolith, featuring Barabeke’s Mona Lisa.

At some point, out of exasperation for seeing the dominant culture going in opposite direction from the culture embedded in the 2kTenCom, I thought they were perhaps a message destined to future generations, and that my goal should have been to find a way to make them survive time and digital obsolescence.

I thought about building monoliths, in the style of Kubrick’s 2001: a space odyssey, and to engrave the 2kTenCom on them. But I had no funds, plus where to put them without the high-risk of them being removed?

A message from me

Barabeke reflected in an ancient mirror.

At the end of 2021 I realized something that changed my relationship with the 2kTenCom. I didn’t receive them out of luck or chance, nor because I was “chosen”. They were dictated to me by a voice that was not mine, I could not control, and felt as external, but its contents, in some form, were already inside of me.

If they are a divine expression, they are an expression of the divine in me. Were they the expression of the divine in you, they would have been different. This concept may sound weird or megalomaniac to westerners, but I think most Indians would find it obvious.

We all have a divine sparkle inside, call it whatever you like, but there is something deep down the human psyche that transcends the limits of the rational mind, a fountain of grace and beauty that is at the source of all religions, and is responsible for a lot of art, literature, and endeavors we today celebrate.

Barabeke, Fountain of Grace, 2021.

What separates us from this fountain is all the garbage we let sediment in our mind: fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, pride, victimhood… all ego stuff really, all illusions.

It’s not that I am free from this stuff, but through the years I think I have managed to swipe away a lot of it. I still can get angry and loud for stupid things, Italian style, but after few minutes I forget. Most of the time I am cool Lebowski style, even under stress. My mind is often empty, I live in the flow and I sleep like a baby without any aid. That’s why, I believe, I am closer to that fountain than the average person, and sometimes I am touched by its sprinkles.

I don’t think it’s unconventional for artists to have spiritual experiences. What is unconventional is the quality and the apparent purpose of the dictation I received, and the fact that I was able to write it down (I had other 2 dictations that I felt could be very important, but they came while I was sleeping and I could not remember a word).

Even if the 2kTenCom somehow came from me, I refuse to be considered as their author, to the point that I have made them of public domain (CC0 license). The mind that is writing to you now had no role in their creation, aside from transcribing them. My value was perhaps to provide fertile soil for them to manifest.

Still, I felt I had to take more responsibility for them. They didn’t become part of my destiny by chance, and I felt that times were calling for them…

A message for today

Barabeke, Journey to the West, 2007.

I have also realized that the gap between the 2kTenCom and the dominant culture, which keeps widening, is exactly what makes them a message for today. My idea of leaving them as a legacy for future generations was a coward’s idea: I was afraid to face the big wave with my small surf, knowing it was most likely to crush me.

I also felt that the West is most likely to turn totalitarian, and that our technology as it evolves could allow an oppressive regime to become unescapable.

It was clear to me that, if empowered, the 2kTenCom could have played a role in avoiding or surviving that.

But how? How can a single man change the course of history with a message he received one night, without even pretending to be some sort of messiah, keeping it real?

I never considered it possible, but in early 2022 I started to see a path for it, very narrow and steep and yet not impossible to walk. And so I decided to walk it, no matter what, so much is my disgust for the dominant culture and my desire to transform it, also considering the type of chains it leads to. I wouldn’t be worthy being called an artist if I didn’t try.

All I did before with the 2kTenCom never entirely convinced me, but now I feel I am into the mission I was born to fulfill, and that all I did before was a preparation for it.

Hear my call

My new symbol, reflecting my entering in “manifestation mode”

People of goodwill: HERE IS the seed that I have planted, which can enable the 2kTenCom to manifest in the world. Their destiny is not anymore entirely dependent on me, and it feels liberating. I might be coming too early, but I trust not in vain. As times get more oppressive and violent more people will hear my call.

I’ll do my best to push my mission as far as I can. People’s willing I’ll be able to keep living and manifesting as an artist. In a world of fools, let me serve as a better fool to inspire the coming times.


John Irwin March 18, 2017 - 13:11

wow…i agree heavily…thank u

barabeke November 18, 2017 - 14:39

Thank you John for your appreciation, it’s meaningful to me.

B October 3, 2021 - 00:03

I’ve been keeping 2 of your artworks. Both are from your giveaways. I was tempted to sell them, but I thought both meant so much more than art to me. To me, those are like memoirs of friendship. Stay headstrong in your beliefs about the existence of man. And btw, love the satirical tweets😉😁 Kinda reminds me of Socrates, as per Plato’s account. The challenging, satirical statements which all boil down to reflections of how one interacts with itself, others and the environment. Just 👌😎!

barabeke December 17, 2021 - 21:53

I am glad you are hodling my art and find meaning in it. You won’t regret it! 🙂 I am grateful for your appreciation and support, they mean a lot to me. I do my best to walk my path and try to inspire people a different culture and a different future, without bowing to the madness and illusions of our time (which makes life more difficult, but there have been men who had it much harder, I can’t complain). One sincere, unexpected comment like yours repays of many hardships. Thank you!

HiRandom January 26, 2022 - 14:19

Zeroed in


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