Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium

by barabeke

Welcome visitor, you have reached the end of the rabbit hole.

The Ten Commandments you are about to see are a futurist spiritual message that is meant to inspire the new generations to use digital technology for liberation rather than oppression.

I hope you’ll embrace these words without prejudice, suspending at least for a moment the disbelief of the critical mind as only through your heart you will find beauty and truth in them.


I Follow your call.

II Focus on the present moment. Look for the good in it.

III Love and respect others (no matter who they are) as much as you would love and respect yourself. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want others do to you. Give everyone at least one chance. Possibly more.

IV Always speak honest words and forgive and forget hurtful words. Don’t take words too seriously in general. Cultivate irony and direct it primarily towards yourself.

Find your other half and prosper together in love.

VI Put humanity (and not profit) at the centre of the universe. Use technology to provide abundance and opportunities to everyone. Build egalitarian societies based on community and resource sharing. Give everyone as birth right enough to lead a simple and honest life.

VII Keep the Internet as free as the wind. Give everyone equal access to knowledge and ideas and guarantee freedom of expression.

VIII Cherish and preserve nature and its creatures.

IX Build an universe inside a machine.

X Disconnect on Sundays.

May this futurist spiritual message inspire the minds of the young to believe that a more just and human future is today technically at our reach 🙏🏻


Is this some sort of religion or sect?
No! The 2kTenCom are simply a message of hope and liberation, in form of a meme.

Where do these Ten Commandments come from?
They have been found at the end of the rabbit hole in my Voyage at the Centre of the Universe: a Fractal Odyssey, a mysterious visual journey inside a fractal that took place on Instagram (where the 2kTenCom have first been published, back in 2015).

One of the 18 Instagram posts of my Voyage at the Centre of the Universe: a Fractal Odyssey, at the end of which the 2kTenCom were first published.

How do the 2kTenCom relate to the commandments in the Bible?
In shape but also in substance as they contain them (although the commandments promoting fear of an almighty, authoritarian, and revengeful God are not present).

Do you represent any organization or institution?
Once again: NO. I only represent myself, Barabeke, and my artistic mission.

Do you make money out of it?
Not, the 2kTenCom are free for everyone to use and put in practice. People can support me by collecting my art, which I mint on the blockchain as NFT.

I didn’t get the 9th commandment: “Build an universe inside a machine”
That’s a controversial one in our days, but if it wasn’t for that one I am not sure I would have shared the 2kTenCom. After all, most of their wisdom has manifested in different forms in different times and places. The 9th is the most obscure and original of these commandments. I believe it can be crucial for the destiny of our species and its existential inquiry. Why? More info here.

Why did you use a masked Mona Lisa to present the 2kTenCom? What does she represent?
Long story between Mona Lisa, Leonardo, and I. More info about it here.

Why are you doing this? What is your goal?
Imagine that one day a voice inside your head dictates you ten commandments. What are you going to do with them?

In my case, I thought this message was too beautiful to keep it for myself, I had to channel it somehow.

I think manifestations like these are less uncommon than what people may think. There are psychic experiences that transcend the limits of reason, I believe they are the generative source of religions and have inspired artists, storytellers, and innovators of all kind since the dawn of ages.

I decided to channel the 2kTenCom as an artistic act. How does it feel like playing Moses today? Is it possible to do it without ending up in some mental institution or being persecuted? Which of society’s nerves will I be touching?

I was very curious to find out and see how people would react. Surprisingly, no one has dared to criticize me so far, although I can sense the prejudice is strong and it has a negative impact on my life and relations. Some people have taken me seriously, and I thank them for that, although I think I have made clear that I am more of a jester than a saint.

No new religion will sprout from this, I promise. At least not until I’ll have breath (unless it’s a prank one like pastafarianism).

Stickers for toilets

My recommendation is to stick my 2kTenCom in toilets. Subway walls and tenements halls are fine either, for their poetic value 🙂

Part of my artistic mission is to find a way to make them survive digital obsolescence. Because they are a good message, one that can inspire a better world for all.

I like the idea that in a distant future someone will stumble upon the 2kTenCom and attribute importance to them because they are ancient and enigmatic (I count that the memory of me being a jester will be lost by then 🤡}.

Peace Pilgrim. I recognize her as an influence for this artistic act.

I like the irony of it enough to pursue this damned artistic mission. Without rush and without taking myself, and the prejudice I will attract, too seriously.

It’s a little, long, solitary, interesting ride. Along the way I hope to find a bit of benevolence and support, as it happened to an old wise lady called “Peace Pilgrim” back in her days (her way was much more integral and self-giving: she was a modern saint who walked the talk, while I am just an artist willing to provoke thought).

UPDATE: I think I found a way to make my 2kTenCom survive digital obsolescence that is better than stickers for toilets: a monolith that is reminiscent of Kubrik’s 2001: a space odissey, with engraved the 2kTenCom and featuring my Mona Lisa.

Me presenting the prototype for the monolith

It has already found a virtual incarnation inside The Art Labyrinth, which is quite a hit and attracted media attention. My monolith as monument for VR worlds is free for those who want to host it on their virtual land.

The ultimate goal would be to bring my monolith to the real world, made of a material that would last through the centuries.

How to support my art? Become one of my collectors, or a patron. You can find the links to where you can collect my works as cryptoart on top of this website.

Blessings to those who will support me! 🙏


John Irwin March 18, 2017 - 13:11

wow…i agree heavily…thank u

barabeke November 18, 2017 - 14:39

Thank you John for your appreciation, it’s meaningful to me.


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