Love your followers like you love your selfies

by barabeke

The digital world tickles our ego. It pushes us to care more about appearing rather than being. That’s a trap to avoid as it will keep you stuck in your evolutionary path.

We all want to receive attention and love but in order to attract them in our life we must give attention and love to others. I mean genuine attention and love, given without secret intention to receive.

Also in the digital world, and social media in particular, it’s important to not let the desire to receive from others (likes, follows, comments) overcome your willingness to give to others, or your efforts won’t be fruitful.

You must be selfless in giving, because only in selfless giving there is beauty and grace. That’s when your life will start to be filled with wonder and miracles, little and big ones. Very few people practice selfless giving. Make sure you do.

In case the way people respond to your selfless giving hurts you, it’s a sign that your giving was not really selfless, that you had expectations that were betrayed. Be aware of it, and keep trying. The traps of the ego are plenty, overcoming them is the work of a lifetime.

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