My Interdimensional series: a huge glitch art mandala made of you

by barabeke
My Interdimensional series: a huge glitch art mandala made of you

Many people own artworks but few have appeared in artworks. Of these few, only a tiny fraction have earned from it. When you go to museums, most people of the past you see in paintings have either volunteered as a model or have paid the artist to paint them.

I am on a mission to change this through technology (at least for what concerns my glitch art) and make the subject of each of my Interdimensional series own at least a piece of it on the blockchain and potentially earn from it.

To be fair you won’t be recognizable in the artwork bearing your name (or one of your choice), even if it will be entirely made out of 3 photos of you. Your own Interdimensional series will consist of 9 standalone artworks (variations) that in their ultimate form, combined in a 3×3 square, is a huge visionary glitch art that reminds of a mandala: your mandala.

In this post you’ll find:


About the artist and his glitch art

My name is Barabeke, I am an Italian digital artist operating online only (or almost) since 2006. My visual art is just part of my craft. I am also the vehicle of ten commandments for the digital millennium, I have made revelations about the origin and nature of our universe and Mona Lisa’s identity, and I have created a prank Italian ultrapopulist party to contrast populism in my home country through satire. All stuff that I consider artistic acts as much as my visual works. You can read more about me here.

So far I have done art for art’s sake, on the side, for the pleasure of creating and sharing. I have never even printed my stuff. The only money I have ever made from it is 2 ETH for winning the only contest I have participated to, the one, with my glitch art Structure of reality.

glitch art BBK17V062

Barabeke, Structure of Reality, BBK17V062

Structure of Reality really does seem to break the barrier of reality. The more you look at the artwork, the more you get lost in it and discover new details. It’s like a world of layered realities in bright colors.

Auctionity website

Structure of reality was an early experiment with my glitch art, which has now evolved into something more psychedelic and majestic: my Interdimensional series.


Interdimensional series: reality transmuted

Your own Interdimensional series will be entirely based on 3 hi-res photos of yourself, of your choice, which you will provide (I’ll keep them confidential, unless you authorize me to show them).

For example, my own portrait is based on these 3 photos of me with my son Leonardo (who has been cropped out, I liked the idea to use my face as a father).

The 3 pictures my own Interdimensional series was entirely made of

Using only these 3 photos I created a series of 9 digital glitch art, each sized 4096 x 4096 px and weighing 11MB on average. I call them variations. Here you have a slideshow with all my 9 variations, in low-res.

Pretty different, isn’t it? 🙂 I am not even vaguely recognizable (and so you won’t be), and yet my 9 variations were entirely created by using those 3 photos of me, without any hand drawing involved. It’s reality as we see it transmuted.



How did I get from those 3 photos to those 9 variations? With a lot of patience, following the muse. Or, more technically, through 135 transitions, which means that from those 3 pics other 135 pics have been generated, until achieving the final result. It’s a work of extreme post-processing, with plenty of blending, mirroring, and filtering involved, leveraging on the glitches that form, with some masking and glass-like distortion involved. In short, it’s glitch art brought to the extreme.

Below you can see 9 of the transitions that led to the final artwork, in chronological order. In some, my face is still recognizable.

Interdimensional Barabeke (Transitions) BBK20ID002-TRANS

After your own Interdimensional series is done, I will share with you 9 of your transitions in the same format you see above because I think it’s nice for you to have some insight on how yours was created. In case a friend of yours, looking at your artwork, doubts it was made out of photos of you, showing the transitions should clear all doubts.


A flourishing of details

The beauty of my Interdimensional series lies in details, which you could not appreciate so far due to the low resolution. I created this video to give you an idea of the cornucopia of suggestive details you can find in each of the 9 variations.

There is so much to look at inside… Here you have some screenshots taken at a resolution that goes from 33% to 200%. We are going to zoom in, up to an extreme point where shapes get blurred… and still you’ll see stuff!


How is your Interdimensional series going to look like

I can’t tell beforehand, I will know it only when it’s finished. What I can guarantee is that it’s going to be made in the same style and format, using the same techniques I have refined through the years. To give you an idea, I will show you the 9 variations of another Interdimensional series I have created, of my partner Sophia, using 3 photos of her (which I won’t show).

As you can see it is similar in style, with the same organic/cellular formations emerging… and yet completely different! Let’s zoom in inside Interdimensional Sophia to see what we can find in it.

Here you have some screenshots of the details, taken just from the 1st variation of the Interdimensional Sophia series and zooming in up to 200%.

Even just one of the 9 variations is so full of details! But the ultimate form of my Interdimensional series, the one I would expose in art galleries, is a huge 3×3 square glitch art made of the 9 variations combined.


A psychedelic mandala

Here is how Sophia’s Interdimensional Mandala and Barabeke’s Interdimensional Mandala appear:

It’s impossible to appreciate them in low-res. Consider that their size is 12288 x 12288 pixels, as to say they could become a fine art print of 1 meter at 300ppi resolution, with thousands of tiny details to explore.

It’s like a big mandala that evokes archetypes of the unconscious, with plenty of spirits/characters emerging from it (or whatever you want to call them). Its contemplation is supposed to bring inspiration. A creative mind looking closely at your Interdimensional mandala should be able to find plenty of stories in it. You can get lost even in just one of the 9 variations, but the full experience is mind-blowing!


Rarity of the artworks and their initial price

To recap, your own Interdimensional series will be composed of 10 artworks:

  • 9x variations (4096 x 4096 pixels). They will be called “Interdimensional [Your Name] [number]” (e.g. Interdimensional Sophia 6) and will be catalogued with a code similar to this: BBK20ID002-7 (stands for “Barabeke, 2020, Interdimensional series, 2nd one I have done this year, variation 7 out of 9).
  • 1x Interdimensional Mandala (12288 x 12288 pixels) called “[Your Name]’s Interdimensional Mandala” (e.g. Sophia’s Interdimensional Mandala) and catalogued with a “root code” like BBK20ID002 (compare with the previous).

Please note that owning the mandala is not like owning the 9 variations, as owning all the 9 variations is not like owning the mandala (unless you want to compose by yourself a mandala with 9 QR artist signatures covering different parts of the artwork).

I am going to sell each of the 9 variations as a rare limited edition of 5 pieces, which will be sold on cryptoart marketplaces (I have started to release my own Interdimensional Barabeke series on at an introductory price of 0.2 ETH).

An Interdimensional mandala will instead be issued as ultra-rare 1 of 1 edition, which only one person can own and sell on the blockchain. This person will be you, the commissioner. I assume you would like to keep it, but you are free to sell it or gift it anytime. In case you want to sell it, I recommend to not do it for less than 2 ETH (my goal is to earn at least 3 times this price in the future, I believe it’s worth it).


The deal for early bird supporters

The first 5 who commission me their own Interdimensional series will get very special conditions. So special that if you end up earning more than what you paid for it, I wouldn’t be surprised.

For just 1.80 ETH not only I will create and transfer to you your full Interdimensional mandala in ultra-rare 1 of 1 edition but I will also gift you all the 9 variations (1 of 5 edition, 0.20 ETH each as an initial market price for a total value of 1.80 ETH). In practice, you would end up with at least double the market value of what you paid!

In this initial stage I need supporters, people who see value in my art and obviously would like to have their own Interdimensional series done. If you can help me get some attention and recognition, even better (if you own artworks from me, that would also be in your interest 🙂).


Info on privacy

I expect to have two types of commissioners:

  • Those who love to have an Interdimensional series bearing their name and would engage their friends and followers with it, or at least allow me to show the 3 photos and the transitions that were used to create it.
  • Those who want to keep things private and don’t want any exposure.

I can accommodate both needs by keeping things fair and friendly. My intention is:

  • to show in public the 3 original photos and the transitions only with your authorization (please note that I would tend to expose in galleries or on media the Interdimensional series for which I can show the photos and transitions, as they help to communicate my art).
  • to not sell the 3×3 transitions (which could make a standalone digital art) unless you are the client.
  • to use in the title of your own Interdimensional series the name you’d like to use (which can also be your social media handle.

Please send me only photos of yourself you own. You can commission me an Interdimensional series for someone else only if I have their authorization to use their photos.

Any personal data you’ll share with me will remain strictly confidential (unless differently authorized by you).


Info on copyrights

As for artworks in general, the artist retains the copyrights. You will keep the rights of the 3 photos you’ll send me, although you’ll allow me to use them freely as creative tools to generate the series bearing your name, without raising any claim on the final artworks (extreme glitch art where your photos won’t even be recognizable).

With any edition of my Interdimensional series you’ll own, you can:

  • display it (not for commercial use).
  • use it to promote yourself (e.g. engage your followers on social media).
  • sell it or gift it on the blockchain.
  • print it as big as you want and frame it (as long as if for your personal use and you don’t sell it).

If you have doubts or questions, please ask on a comment or contact me.


Opportunities for Cross-Promotion

I am going to do extensive promotion of my Interdimensional series, initially on social media (where I currently have a total reach of 20K) and by networking with people in the cryptoart world and beyond. Once I have consolidated my offer based on the response and feedback I’ll receive, I may consider paid media campaigns.

On your side, this series of artworks bearing your name (or your social media handle) can definitely serve as rich and unique content to share with your friends and followers, something you could eventually even sell or gift to them. I am happy to link/mention your profile where applicable, if you wish so, and I count you will do the same.

If you don’t wish to be mentioned and want to remain a private buyer, I will comply and protect your privacy as previously expressed (please note that I would still display or sell the final artworks).

Il fischio del tempo/The whistle of time BBK08F001

For those who simply find my Interdimensional series cool and worth sharing, if you post about it I will gift you a small version of my fractal art Il fischio del tempo/The whistle of time (an edition of 100 pieces).

After you posted please get in touch (I am @barabeke on most social), share with me a link to your post and your Ethereum wallet address, and I’ll gift/transfer to you one of those editions.


How to commission your own Interdimensional series

If you would like to be the protagonist of one of them and own at least a piece of it, please contact me here or via Instagram, Twitter, or Telegram.

You must be prepared to provide:

  • 3 pictures in high-res, confirming that they are pictures you own.
  • Authorization to use your 3 photos to generate the artwork, renouncing on any claim on the artwork itself (beyond your ownership on the blockchain).
  • Your Ethereum wallet address (if you don’t have one, here you will find more info on how to get yours)
  • A non-refundable deposit of 0.45 ETH  (in case we don’t know each other. I need to avoid time-wasters, it takes me a lot of work to create an Interdimensional series).

Once your series is ready, I will mint it and prepare a bundle for you on OpenSea containing your own Interdimensional Mandala (1 of 1 edition) and each of its 9 variations (1 of 5 edition). You’ll be then invited to buy the bundle for 1.80 ETH (less the deposit if applicable).

This concludes my presentation. I hope I was able to make you appreciate the beauty, the mystery, and the value of my new Interdimensional series and my pushing glitch art into “shamanic” territory. My work already earned me some visibility and recognition: I am pleased to announce that my new series will be soon exhibited at the MoCA (Museum of Crypto Art) on Cryptovoxels 😊

Any question, comment, feedback is welcome. Feel free to connect!

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