Give up your dreams of perfection

by barabeke

To believe that perfection is attainable and obsess yourself with it is to be close to the devil (that’s what he was about in tradition: a desperate wannabe god who strived to appear as god). Such path leads to darkness and despair, no matter how remarkable and “perfect” someone may appear to be.

To instead aspire to perfection and aim for the peak knowing that you can come close to it but never reach it, that you will ultimately fall, and still keep going and laugh about it, is to be remarkable humans blessed with grace.

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As you may have noticed the difference is minimal. Good and evil are not necessarily two extremes of a line. Imagine this line to be the circumference of a circle with good and evil as dots almost touching each other, separated by an invisible hair. That difference in approach towards perfection is a detail that may not be easy to spot in a perfectionist but it can make the difference between a life of despair and a life full of meaning and fulfillment. They say “the devil is in the detail” for a reason…

You don’t necessarily need to see it in terms of god/devil or good/evil, I used those terms because I find them convenient and because this wisdom can be found in Christian tradition. My philosophy is actually more close to Buddhism and is expressed in the Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium, the spiritual message I am the vehicle of.

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