Fractal Surrealism

by barabeke

Between 2007 and 2012 I have been experimenting with fractal art. My fascination with fractals came from their following mathematical patterns that can also be found in nature (see romanesco broccoli). In a way, they are nature generated by a machine, which spoke to my philosophical beliefs.

In my fractal explorations I have been chasing spirits and archetypes of the unconscious, as I tend to do with all my art. The difference is that I was playing with numbers and formulas rather than my digital pen.

Whether I worked with pure fractals or by mixing fractals with photography, the end result was quite different from other fractal art I had seen. I saw a surreal quality to it, therefore I found appropriate to refer to my work on fractals as “fractal surrealism”.

Here you can see some examples of my fractal art.

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