Barabeke’s Diamond Sutra (Scroll Edition)

by barabeke
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The Diamond Sutra is one of the most influential and popular Buddhist texts. It contains a speech of the Buddha about the illusory nature of reality and of words, and how to transcend this illusion.

While the West is still cursing itself with its dualist obsession with words (and increasingly so…), the East already understood their vanity since almost two millennia. This sutra was a great vehicle for such realization across Asia, from India to Japan.

One year ago I created an artwork called Diamond Sutra which I am here presenting in a special edition that includes an ancient scroll with the complete sutra.

Barabeke’s Diamond Sutra, BBK20V022

The shadows you can see are made of selfies I took in Zurich, playing with my shadow against a projector inside the MuDA (Museum of Digital Art, which unfortunately had to close for good because of covid…).

You can notice the scroll, written in Chinese, spread over two horizontal lines. It is considered the earliest surviving printed book (from year 868) and the first creative work meant to be of public domain. It explicitly says “for universal free distribution”.

Considering this, I didn’t feel like putting my artwork for sale like it was a normal artwork. I think nobody should pay for it. Plus, in the Diamond Sutra, the Buddha repeatedly states that anybody who shares even just four lines of it would acquire a merit that is much bigger than donating all the jewels that exist in this world and beyond… Sounds like I am doing an extremely good deed! 😊

I have tokenized my Diamond Sutra on Rarible, it is now cryptoart. It is possibly the first time this sutra gets to the blockchain, which might increase the goodness of my deed further! 😊

My Diamond Sutra in its lampshade version by UnicornByJacki

It cannot be purchased like my other art. I have made a special edition which only those who collect my art can have (I transfer the NFT to them as a gift).

In its original form it was without scroll. I am pleased to announce that UnicornByJacki, an independent London based furniture and decor shop with an awesome vintage, eclectic, and bohemian taste, have created a lampshade out of it.

This is the first time my art becomes a piece of furniture and I am very pleased with the result! 😊

As a final note, my take on the Diamond Sutra is not only visual. The 4th of my 2kTenCom in part relates to it. I am reminding it here as I believe it is terribly neglected nowadays…

IV. Always speak honest words and forgive and forget hurtful words. Don’t take words too seriously in general. Cultivate irony and direct it primarily towards yourself.

This can be considered as a modern, easy-going interpretation of part of the meaning of the sutra, for practical application in everyday life.

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