Cézanne by Cézanne by Barabeke

Barabeke, Cézanne by Cézanne by Barabeke, 2020, digital elaboration of a Cézanne self-portrait, BBK20PX02

My own interpretation of pixel art was inspired by Cézanne, for his pioneering research into the essence of form that anticipated/inspired modernism.

As in my transmutations series, also in my pixel art I make use of just one picture. The difference is that the picture is repeated thousands of times, with hundreds of variations/glitches, and spread upon its most essential pixel form where lines are gaps, dark holes.

This is based on a self-portrait Cézanne made in 1885 (a public domain image) and is the first of 3 artworks through which I homage the French master.

This video will help you appreciate the details of this digital artwork.


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