Barabeke’s Earlier Mona Lisa

Barabeke’s Earlier Mona Lisa, 2020, digital transfiguration of the original, BBK20PX08

I consider my transfiguration of Da Vinci’s Earlier Mona Lisa (also known as Isleworth Mona Lisa) as one of my best works.

In this series I approach works from masters of the past, which I reinvent by using only their work and nothing else, as it was paint or pixels, replicating it thousands of times with almost as many variations, forming a microcosm which I try to keep in harmony with the macrocosm of the transfigured artwork.

After hundreds of iterations, the end result is an artwork that is substantially different from the original and that I recognize as “Barabeke’s”.

This digital artwork is best appreciated in 4K. In this video you will be able to better explore its details.


It’s already sold out as cryptoart, but it’s available as a limited edition giclee print (10 pieces only).

There is also a Barabeke’s Mona Lisa based on the Louvre’s one, but that’s a different story…

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