About Barabeke

by barabeke

Me presenting the prototype for my monolith

I have been around, operating online only (or almost) since 2006, mostly doing art for art’s sake, as a natural urge. I have only recently started to take art seriously, when I embraced cryptoart.

Most of my visual works consist in blending ordinary pictures in wild ways, without any hand drawing involved, creating with reality as we see it a new reality of psychic and archetypal nature. I see it as an alchemical process. When I create I feel more like a shaman summoning spirits rather than a digital artist.

I also love to work with fractals, which I have recurrently blended in my works, and I am experimenting with video installations.

I have an inclination for conceptual and performance art as I like to provide experiences that can challenge conventional thinking. My monolith, combining my 2kTenCom and my MonaLisa (see above), is an example of installation I’d like to bring to the world (initially in VR).

Lately I have been into taking great paintings from the past and make them my own with a style that I call “modernist pixel art”, which involves replicating the original painting thousands of times, with almost as many variations, forming a microcosm which I try to keep in harmony with the macrocosm of the transfigured artwork.

Visual art is just part of my craft, I am also a “very late beat poet” and an intuitive healer who has been trained in qi gong, reiki, shamanism, hypnotherapy (including past life regression and spirit release) and NLP.

As I am now taking art seriously, here is my artist CV:




May/Sep 2020 Personal Exhibition at MoCA (Museum of CryptoArt) on Cryptovoxel.

May 2020 Rare Art Fest, invited speaker. Presented my “Transmutations series”.

Jun 2020 “Take me to the Moon” VR Gallery Group Show on Somnium Space.

Jun 2020 “Mona Lisa in the toilet“, virtual installation on Cryptovoxels in collaboration with El Geko.


Oct 2015 Interview for DailyStorm (in Italian)

Aug 2020 MagNFT Issue XV (featuring 5 of my works)

Aug 2020 FOMA Mag, Issue 4 (featuring “A cryptopunk from 1844“)

Aug 2020 Live interview with Blockchain Art Exchange CEO Sacha Bailey.

Sep 2020 Interview for Scum Magazine


Oct 2015 On the origin and nature of our universe

Feb 2016 Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium (2kTenCom)

Oct 2017 Mona Lisa is not Mona Lisa: On Da Vinci’s Life, Sexuality, and Inspiration.


May 2019 KnownOrigin/Auctionity Creative Challenge, 1st place (with “Structure of Reality”)

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