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Barabeke in Florence with Earlier Mona Lisa.

I am an Italian born digital artist, writer, mystic (I received ten commandments for this millennium back in 2015) and revolutionary (I am on a mission to peacefully transform Western culture with them, for real). I am self-taught and active since 2006. I only started to get some attention in 2019, as one of the first artists in the NFT scene.

I am mostly known for my visual art, which is about destroying images, or better transfiguring them into something different, summoning spirits from them raising from myriads of digital glitches. I consider my artworks as portals to other dimensions, which justifies my frequent use of mirrors.

My transfigurations of Da Vinci’s paintings are among my finest works, they are collected in the exhibition “Barabeke’s Leonardo“, which can be visited in the OWW art metaverse.

After some experimentation with AI, I have integrated it in my process in a way that keeps the artist’s gaze as dominant. The Giant Kahuna, one of the largest digital artworks ever (6.7 Gigapixels), containing 999 visions, is the first outcome of this collaboration.

I like to engage audiences with thought-provoking experiences, so far delivered in form of metaverse attractions (The Art Labyrinth) or video art installations.

I occasionally publish thought provoking articles, poetry influenced by the beats, or grotesque and surreal satire. I used to be a copywriter in my native tongue, Italian, but now I mostly write in English (even if I obviously have limits). My writing efforts are now concentrated on the Odd Gospel substack, my philosophical outlet, which I plan to evolve into a book.

Being a counterculture agent keeps me underground and endangers my ability to live as an artist, but there is no compromise I can make with a dominant culture that promotes narcissism, malice, hypocrisy, infantility, victimhood, mediocrity, appearance over essence, feelings over facts, lack of honor, dignity, and grace, all sort of debauchery, and general bitchiness. A great evil will rise from this decadence, which I am afraid it’s too late to stop. I have a tool and a path to either prevent it or survive it. People’s willing, it will find its way.

Before becoming a full time (struggling) artist I have been an online community expert in the London startup scene. Through my job I supported my lifelong spiritual research and my training in several disciplines (e.g. qi gong, reiki, shamanism, hypnotherapy, and NLP). I always thought I was going to become a healer, but in the end I realized I am more of an artist. I still consider myself as part of that category, as what I am ultimately trying to do is to heal society from the roots.


My NFTs can be found on multiple platforms. As an NFT early adopter, crypto enthusiast, and a startupper at heart my inclination has been to support entrepreneurs, projects, and artists I liked, and learn in the process.

  • KnownOrigin (ETH). Currently used for my 1/1 NFT art. Here you will find The Giant Kahuna and the Madmoiselle Mu series.

  • makersplace (ETH/$). Mainstream NFT marketplace that allows collecting via credit card. Some of my best transfigurations of Da Vinci’s works are minted there, including my Salvator Mundi.

  • Rarible (ETH/Others). I have minted and collected a lot of NFTs there, especially between 2020 and 2021. It’s the home of the Official 2kTenCom NFT.

  • OpenSea (ETH/Others). I use it for my collections. Here you will find the Visions of the Giant Kahuna, there I have minted my Pepeful Eight.

  • mybae (WETH/BAEPAY/DAI/TRSH/NRMN). An indie NFT marketplace devoted to art, a pioneer in the space, from art curator and crypto entrepreneur Sacha Bailey. There you will find my Eros & Thanatos.
  • objkt.com (XTZ). Some trippy art from me on Tezos, in multiple editions. Most affordable option to own a Barabeke NFT.

  • SignArt (WAVES/SIGN). I have some interesting 1/1s there, including my Fountain of Grace (sold out)

  • Dartroom (ALGO). Only one artwork here, but it’s the Venusian Leonardo, a meaningful one for me.

  • NFT Showroom (HIVE). Only 3 works here, affordable editions.

When I can, for what I can, I am also an NFT collector as I love to support other artists. Here you can visit my NFT collection in 3D.







Sep 2021 Heretique 121 Summer Exhibition, featured artist of the month.

Jul 2021 CrypTokyo, Japan’s first physical NFT art exhibition, Ultrasupernew Gallery, Shibuya (3 works featured).

Jun 2021 #ShareTheLightPopUp Roof Exhibition on Cryptovoxels, as part of Matt Kane’s NFTart collection.

May 2021 Origin Art Museum on Cryptovoxels (exhibiting 3 transfigurations).

Sep 2020 Barabeke’s Salvator Mundi becomes part of Museum of CryptoArt permanent collection.

Jun 2020 Mona Lisa in the toilet“, virtual installation on Cryptovoxels in collaboration with El Geko.

Jun 2020 “Take me to the Moon” VR Gallery Group Show on Somnium Space.

May 2020 Rare Art Fest, invited speaker. Presented “Transmutations series”.

May/Sep 2020 Personal Exhibition at MoCA Gallery on Cryptovoxel.



Sep 2021 Interview with Barabeke, ArtyNFT.

Jun 2021 “The Art Labyrinth”, i grandi capolavori a portata di mouse (e smartphone), AD Italia (Condé Nast group).

May 2021 Matt Furie is trying to reclaim his famous cartoon Pepe the Frog — through NFTs, Washington Post (contains a link to Pepeful Eight series).

May 2021 Barabeke, a shamanic artist in the KULTURA/OWW maze, Art Reveal Magazine.

Sep 2020 Artist Spotlight: Barabeke, Scum Magazine.

Oct 2015 “Between fractals and utopias”, interview with Barabeke, DailyStorm (in Italian).



Mar 2022 Barabeke on Bitcoinlive, presenting the idea for the HOWL movement, later evolved into the Goodwillers movement.

Apr 2021 Barabeke live on NftLiberty event speaking about free speech and self-sovereignty.

Jan 2021 Barabeke, on the future of cryptoart. Hosted by Bitcoinlive.

Jul 2020 Barabeke Live Stream Artist Profile – Fear of Cancellation. Hosted by Sacha Bailey (Blockchain Art Exchange CEO).

May 2020 Meet Barabeke, live at Rare Art Festival.

Apr 2018 Irruzioni Festival, Padua. Public reading of Ode to iPhone.

Apr 2017 Irruzioni Festival, Padua. Masked public reading of the 2kTenCom.



Sep 2022 FOMA Mag, Issue 8 (art).

May 2022 FOMA Mag, Issue 7 (art + article).

Oct 2020 FOMA Mag, Issue 5 (featuring “Our Lady of the gate of dusk”).

Aug 2020 FOMA Mag, Issue 4 (featuring “A cryptopunk from 1844“).

Aug 2020 MagNFT Issue XV (featuring 5 works).



Oct 2022 People of Goodwill: unite!

Jul 2021 Why today’s media are a threat to freedom & mental health and how to fix them.

Sep 2018 How to build an Economy based on Kindness powered by the Blockchain.

Oct 2017 Mona Lisa is not Mona Lisa: On Da Vinci’s Life, Sexuality, and Inspiration.

Feb 2016 Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium (2kTenCom).

Oct 2015 On the Origin and Nature of our Universe.



May 2019 KnownOrigin/Auctionity Creative Challenge, 1st place (with “Structure of Reality”).

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