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Barabeke in Florence with the Earlier Mona Lisa

I have been a digital artist since 2006, doing art for art’s sake, as a natural urge. Most of my works consist in editing and blending photos I take in extreme ways, without any hand drawing involved, creating with reality as seen through the camera a new reality of psychic and archetypal nature.

When I create, more than an artist I feel like a shaman summoning spirits, or an alchemist. That’s why I call my process transmutation.

Barabeke reading the 2kTenCom

I have an inclination for conceptual and performance art as I like to provide experiences that can challenge conventional thinking.

Lately I have been into taking paintings from masters of the past and make them my own with a style that I call transfigurations, which involves replicating the original painting thousands of times, with almost as many variations, forming a microcosm which I try to keep in harmony with the macrocosm of the transfigured artwork.

Transfiguration of Earlier Mona Lisa

Visual art is just part of my craft, I am also a “very late beat poet“, the vehicle of Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium (2kTenCom), and more…

I have embraced crypto and cryptoart (or NFT art) since an early stage. The links to my NFTs are on top of my site. Want to know 10 reasons why you should consider to collect my art? Read here.

On social media I am mostly active on Twitter, and to a lesser extent on Instagram. Best way for you to reach out is via Twitter or my Telegram.

Artist CV




May/Sep 2020 Personal Exhibition at MoCA Gallery on Cryptovoxel.

May 2020 Rare Art Fest, invited speaker. Presented my “Transmutations series”.

Jun 2020 “Take me to the Moon” VR Gallery Group Show on Somnium Space.

Jun 2020 “Mona Lisa in the toilet“, virtual installation on Cryptovoxels in collaboration with El Geko.

Sep 2020 Barabeke’s Salvator Mundi becomes part of Museum of CryptoArt permanent collection.

May 2021 Origin Art Museum on Cryptovoxels (owning and exhibiting 3 of my transfigurations).

June 2021 #ShareTheLightPopUp Roof Exhibition on Cryptovoxels, as part of Matt Kane’s NFTart collection.


Oct 2015 “Between fractals and utopias”, interview with Barabeke, DailyStorm (in Italian).

Sep 2020 Artist Spotlight: Barabeke, Scum Magazine.

May 2021 Barabeke, a shamanic artist in the KULTURA/OWW maze, Art Reveal Magazine.

May 2021 Matt Furie is trying to reclaim his famous cartoon Pepe the Frog — through NFTs, Washington Post (contains a link to my Pepeful Eight series).

June 2021 “The Art Labyrinth”, i grandi capolavori a portata di mouse (e smartphone), AD Italia (Condé Nast group).


Apr 2017 Irruzioni Festival, Padua. Masked public reading of the 2kTenCom (see pic above).

Apr 2018 Irruzioni Festival, Padua. Public reading of Ode to iPhone.

May 2020 Meet Barabeke, live at Rare Art Festival.

Jul 2020 Barabeke Live Stream Artist Profile – Fear of Cancellation. Hosted by Sacha Bailey (Blockchain Art Exchange CEO).

Jan 2021 Barabeke, on the future of cryptoart. Hosted by Bitcoinlive.

Apr 2021 Barabeke live on NftLiberty event speaking about free speech and self-sovereignty.


Aug 2020 MagNFT Issue XV (featuring 5 of my works).

Aug 2020 FOMA Mag, Issue 4 (featuring “A cryptopunk from 1844“).

Oct 2020 FOMA Mag, Issue 5 (featuring “Our Lady of the gate of dusk”).


Oct 2015 On the Origin and Nature of our Universe.

Feb 2016 Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium (2kTenCom).

Oct 2017 Mona Lisa is not Mona Lisa: On Da Vinci’s Life, Sexuality, and Inspiration.

Sep 2018 How to build an Economy based on Kindness powered by the Blockchain.

Jul 2021 Why today’s media are a threat to freedom & mental health and how to fix them.


May 2019 KnownOrigin/Auctionity Creative Challenge, 1st place (with “Structure of Reality”).

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